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About Dorset Flapjacks

About Dorset Flapjacks

Who we are...

The Dorset Flapjack Company is a family run business near Lulworth, in the heart of Dorset. We have a great deal of pride and commitment, with a history in Baking and a forward thinking philosophy. Our knowledge and passion comes from our long history in the baking industry.  Dorset is a place of beauty and delight, and we believe our flapjacks compliment it perfectly. Each bar is a small taste of this beautiful southern county and with eighteen different flavours to choose from you’re sure to be delighted.

What we do...

We produce a delightful range of scrumptious, hand-made flapjacks that are high in energy, full of flavour and are the perfect snack to keep you going through the day. Care is taken to ensure each bar sold is perfect and will be as enjoyable as the last one. If you are interested in selling our products then please feel free to contact us and have a chat.