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How to Buy

There are 24 Dorset Flapjacks per box. Each Dorset Flapjack is 120g for a total weight of approx 3kg per box.

1 box (24)  £19.85 (83p ea).  
2 boxes £35.56 (74p ea)
3 boxes £48.81 (68p ea)
4 boxes £60.12 (63p ea)
5 boxes £73.20 (61p ea)
6 boxes £85.92 (60p ea)

Flapjack Prices inclusive of postage, packing and insurance to the UK only.  


You can order a box of any single flavour or a choice of mixed boxes, to place an order go to the

Mixed Boxes page or the Products page.

If you would like your own mix of flavours please use the form below.  Please note that this will take a little longer to produce as we may not have the right varieties in stock.

The flapjacks are delivered by courier and will take 3 - 5 days to arrive after we have made them, they would like a contact telephone number as well as the address for delivery so if you could let us know that it will speed things up.

If you really want to you can send us a cheque but we will have to wait for the funds to clear before we can send your order. For security and insurance purposes we do not take credit card details over the phone, if you cannot pay by card over the website we can send you a link to the Worldpay card acceptance site or you can pay by internet banking direct to our bank account, click the Pay by Internet Banking button in the shopping basket.

All prices are in GBP but we can accept payment in Euros.  If you wish to order from Europe and pay in Euros use your European address in the payment basket and we will contact you with the price in Euros prior to any payment being made.

If you would like more than 18 boxes please complete your order and send it to us.  We will then contact you for more details prior to any payment being made.  We will arrange delivery which will probably be by pallet transport rather than courier and will change the price to you.  In nearly all circumstances this will mean that the price will be lower.

If you are outside of Europe you can still purchase Dorset Flapjacks by credit card.  Enter you address in the payment basket and we will contact you with details for shipping to your country.  We will inform you of the total price in GBP prior to any payment being made. Please note that it will be up to you to pay for any import duties that your country may impose on importing food items (flapjacks are often described as cake).  We will not be in a position to redeem them from customs and the products may be destroyed if payments are not made to the relevant body in the specified time.

For Trade/Wholesale Enquiries - please complete the form below:

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