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Dorset Flapjacks off to Greenland

Renland is a large area of glaciers and mountains in Eastern Greenland.  Recent expeditions to the area have found an extensive mountain range of unclimbed mountains and excellent granite walls.  Very few expeditions have ventured to Renland and almost all the peaks in Renland have yet to be climbed.  This, coupled with the fact that Renland receives very stable weather, makes it an ideal choice for adventure and exploration. They have a simple plan.  Go to Renland and climb new peaks, new rock, ice and mixed routes on big walls of perfect granite. They believe there is a high probability of a successful outcome due to the quality of the rock, the amount of unclimbed objectives, the well planned logistics, the generous timeframe allowed for the expedition and the strong team assembled.

They are taking along a good supply of Dorset Flapjacks to keep them energised during the climbs as they are the ideal food for any activity.  Small, compact and very tasty they pack an energy punch.  The combination of high GI sugars and low GI oats means that the climbers will get an instant hit followed by sustained energy essential for an expedition like this.

The skilled team will be there in July and they are;

Geoff Hornby - Expedition Leader

David Barlow - Climber and photographer

Rob Powell - Climber and rock climbing journalist

Paul Seabrook - Climber