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Gluten Free?



Are Dorset Flapjacks gluten free? 

Well that's a bit of  a long story.  The short version is that if you can eat oats you can eat Dorset Flapjacks.

To be able to state that Dorset Flapjacks are gluten free we must be absolutely certain that there are no more than 20ppm gluten in the product.  Nearly all oats are transported and milled in machinery that is also used for wheat and other grain that contains gluten.  When our supplier has tested their oats the readings vary from less than 10ppm to nearly 100ppm.  Because of this they cannot guarantee that every sack of oats contains less than 20ppm and therefore we cannot guarantee that every bar contains less than 20ppm.

There is also oat gluten which a few coeliacs may be intolerant to which is of course in Dorset Flapjacks.

If you are still not sure if you are intolerant then we would suggest that you try a  little and see how it goes and gradually increase your intake.  If you do not get any of the symptoms then carry on and enjoy them to your heart's content!