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Return and Refund Policy


Thanks for buying Dorset Flapjacks from our website, we would like you to know how you can return any of our Dorset Flapjacks in the unlikely event that you are unhappy with them.  We would appreciate it if you contact us first by email or phone as we may be able to do something about the problem straight away but if not then here is the legal stuff.



Under the general rules for distance selling you have 14 days to return your order, or tell us that you intend to return it, should you decide that you do not want it after all.  If we have not sent the order yet then you just need to tell us that you have changed your mind.  If we have sent the order then you must send the entire order back to us, at your own expense, in exactly the same condition as when it was sent.


Returns must be sent to:

The Dorset Flapjack Company Ltd

The Cross


Dorset, BH20 6DA


If you are unhappy with the product or any part of it for any particular reason then you should contact us on our email address to let us know.  We will probably ask you to return the product(s) to us, at the address shown, through the post at your own expense so that we can inspect them to see why the problem may have arisen.



If you have returned the whole order within 14 days we will inspect the product and as long as it is in perfect condition we will send your refund into your designated account.  We may request the proof of purchase from you and the cost of the original shipping will be deducted from your refund.


If you have returned part of the order for some reason then we will replace the exact product or with something similar that you request.  That is, it will either be the same flavour or you can request a different flavour if you prefer.  We will replace the product as quickly as possible but this may take up to two weeks.



You will be responsible for shipping costs back to us and for the original shipping cost if you decide to cancel your order within 14 days.  We will ship any replacement items to you at our cost.


Contact Details

We hope that you won’t need to but you can contact us at our email address or by telephone on 01929 462277.